O2 Skin Lab: Home of Authentic Korean Skin Care in the Philippines

A guided tour on what’s inside the clinic

Hello! My name is Dr. Cherry. But I’m known as Doc Ching to my patients. As you can see from my previous posts, I love to write about my travels. But now, I’ve decided to share another side of me.

I am actually a Doctor of Dermatology here in the Philippines. I have been practicing dermatology for 8 years now (wow, it’s almost a decade.. now i feel old, haha!)

After graduating from my Dermatology Residency training, I was lucky enough to have experienced working in a Korean Laser Center located in Makati where it honed my skills in handling different kinds of aesthetic laser machines. After years of experience in treating different kinds of skin problems effectively, the clinic decided to open a bigger laser center to cater not just Koreans but also Filipinos and other races as well.

So here we are at O2 Skin Lab. It is formerly known as O2 Laser Skin Center which was established in the Philippines since 2006 in Makati. Our clinic has been following the highest standards of beauty that is practiced in Korea. For 13 years now, it has always been our goal to bring here in the Philippines the latest Korean beauty trends, machines and procedures. From our facials up to our laser procedures, we apply all the best practices of the country who is known to have beautiful, healthy skin, Korea.

It is our clinic’s mission to share to everyone here in the Philippines the Korean culture of beauty and to give awareness that taking care of one’s skin is not a sign of vanity but a sign of respect. Respect to one’s self and to those around us. I’ll discuss more of that in my other posts soon. But for now, let me take you inside our clinic and take a glimpse on what’s in store for you when you do come and visit.

Annyeonghaseyo! Welcome to O2 Skin Lab.

Reception Area.
We would be asking you to fill out a medical chart with all the necessary information that we need prior to skin analysis and consultation.
Waiting Area.
While waiting, try our signature Korean tea or Korean Coffee.

Skin Analysis Area

Skin Analysis Area.
Before we do the actual consultation, we will have your skin analyzed first so we can check the health condition of the face.

Consultation Area

Consultation Area
After Skin Analysis, we will customize your treatment plan according to your skin goals. The in-house dermatologist will also discuss the flow of each procedure and what to expect.

Facial Rooms

Facial Rooms.
We have different kinds of facials for different skin concerns.

Main Laser Room

Main Laser Room.
Aside from our non-invasive anti-aging programs, we can also treat unwanted facial/body hair, varicose/spider veins, melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentations and acne. We also have a procedure for tattoo removal.

Laser Room 2

We can remove warts, moles, syringoma and milia using our CO2 Laser Machine. We also have treatment programs for superficial and deep acne scars as well as stretchmarks.

Body Treatment Room

We provide face and body slimming using fat-reducing and muscle toning machines combined with lipolysis mesotherapy.

Drip Area

We have different cocktails for Intravenous drips depending on our patients’ health goals.
Here is the list of our services:
For a closer look inside the clinic, click the video down below.

So that’s it for the clinic tour. Hope to see you all here in the clinic for your Authentic Korean beauty experience.

xoxo, Cherry

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