A Tribute to one of my favorite islands, Boracay

Boracay Island, Aklan, Philippines

A small but amazing tropical island located in Aklan is world-famous for being one of the top destinations for people who seek tranquility as well as exciting nightlife. In 2012, it was awarded best island in the world from Travel + Leisure magazine. Conde Nast Traveler magazine listed it at the top as Best Islands in the World last 2014. This beautiful island has long garnered praises from both locals and foreigners alike.

I, for one, can truly say that this tiny piece of bliss will forever hold a special place in my heart. My first visit to Boracay in 2011 was also officially my very first travel after finally finishing my Derma Residency Program. My friends and I spent 7 memorable days exploring the beauty of the island as well as experiencing its water activities and nightlife. We had so much fun that we never wanted to leave. That is what this island does to you. It captivates you and leaves you wanting for more.

I have been to the island twice two years after that and the feeling remains the same.

My first visit in Boracay (2011)


Boracay March 2014


Boracay May 2014

For those who have been to Boracay, I know you know what I mean. So many people have fallen in love with the island.

Because of this, influx of tourists to the island has increased during the past several years. Its popularity may be good for Philippine tourism but there are downsides too.

Overpopulation, overdevelopment, poor and inadequate septic and sewerage system, algal blooms caused by pollution led to serious environmental issues that prompted our Philippine government to temporarily close the whole island starting end of April this year (April 26 to be exact).

Hopefully, proper actions and renovations will be implemented and Boracay will be restored to its former glory.

Undeveloped Boracay back in the 80’s.
Photo credit: http://www.localphilippines.com/travelstories/boracay-the-past-and-the-present

Luckily, I was able to revisit Boracay before its recommended closure.

Last Holy Week, me and my group of travel-loving friends called Certified Biyaheros decided to spend 3 days in the island.

During those days, we have seen enough to know that this little paradise badly need to rest and heal.


Boracay taken last Holy Week 2018

Let me share with you some of the reasons why I think Boracay is worth saving for the future generation:

1. It has beautiful beaches.

Did you know that Boracay has 17 beaches?

According to an article in Boracay Compass, there are 12 beautiful beaches and 5 less interesting ones.

The main beach called White Beach is ever so gorgeous with its fine, white sand surrounded by azure, calm waters. This beach is the biggest and most popular since many of the hotels, bars, restaurants, supply stores and water activities are located here.

Palm trees line up along the shoreline, perfect for those who want to spend hours daydreaming under some shade.

The cool breeze and breathtaking view is enough to make you sigh and say, “Now, this is life.”

Chillin’ at Shangri-la Boracay with my sister


Shangri-la Boracay Resort and Spa


Fairways and Bluewater Newcoast Boracay


Fairways and Bluewater Newcoast Boracay Beachfront


White Beach, Boracay


White Beach, Boracay taken last March 2018


Puka Beach taken last March 2018

2. It has breathtakingly gorgeous sunsets.

Boracay is actually the reason why I fell in love with sunsets.

Ever since I started travelling, I have seen a lot of beach sunsets but those in Boracay are probably my favorite ones. (Well.. for now, that is.)

Staring at them always calms me and makes my heart melt with happiness.

Whenever I set foot in Boracay, I see to it that I find a good spot along the beach, sit on its fine white sand and gaze on the spectacular sky, slowly changing its colors from bright blue to a golden hue as the sun kisses the calm blue waters goodnight. I describe them as romantically peaceful.

This is me, waiting for my sunset.

Of course, there were also those days where I was just busy posing for the camera as the sunsets never fail to make fantastic backgrounds. Haha!

My First Boracay Silhouette (2011)


One of my (oh so many) Boracay Sunset sessions.. haha! (2014)


The amazing Boracay sunset taken last March 2018. Still world-class.

3. It has a lot of fun water activities to offer.

Daytime activities in Boracay include fun-filled water activities that are great for group bonding with family and friends.

Here are some of the suggested ones: Banana Boating, Flyfishing, Helmet Diving, Island Hopping, Parasailing, Sunset Sailing, Snorkeling, Stand up paddling, Jet skiing, Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, ATV riding, Scuba Diving, Cliff Diving, Reverse Bungee, Mermaid Swimming, Glass Bottom Boating, Zipline and Zorbing.


Mermaid swimming lessons are offered by the Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy (PMSA)


Banana Boat ride is fun!


Parasailing is a must-try!


You can do snorkeling in Boracay waters too.


A glimpse of the Boracay underworld.

4. Colorful Nightlife

This island never sleeps. When dusk sets in, bars and restaurants are filled with the party-loving crowd who stay up until dawn breaks. Every night, locals entertain guests with great music, fire dancing and relaxing body massages. You can also go to bars, meet new friends and dance the night away.

Laboracay 2014

5. Fresh seafood and Drinks

I love seafood! Boracay is known for its wet market located in D’ mall called Talipapa where fresh/live seafood can be found. You can opt to buy and cook for yourselves in your hotel or have them prepared in the restaurants beside the market.

Fresh seafood at the talipapa found in D’ mall

Boracay also has a famous local store that serve fresh fruit shakes that is a must-try for those who visit the island. Jonah’s fruit shakes are so satisfying and thirst quenching, especially after a long, hot day of strolling around the island under the sun. Try their Mango Shake, it’s my favorite.

So there, my Top 5 reasons why I love Boracay. A tiny piece of heaven on earth. For now, let us give it time to heal.

Rest well, Boracay. See you again soon!

Boracay Paradise taken last March 2018. Truly worth saving.

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  1. You Filipinos are so lucky! You have almost 8,000 beautiful islands to explore and each one has its own unique beauty to offer. I can’t wait to visit them all!

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