The Wanderlust In Me


Ever since I was in college, I really envied my friends who got to travel a lot. I never had the opportunity to do so because my overprotective Dad never allowed his precious eldest daughter to go out and explore the world without supervision. Hence, I just relied upon the stories of adventure my friends so graciously shared with me.

After college came Medical School, Post-graduate Internship, Medical Board Exam and my Derma Residency training. For almost 9 years, I chose to focus on my studies and medical training and set aside my love for travel. So when I finally finished my Dermatology Residency training, I really felt FREE! It was time for me to go explore the world! (well, Philippines first before the world.. haha!) And so, the adventures began.

For my next articles, I will share with you my wanders. As of now, my travels are all around the Philippines. I have always been proud of my country’s beauty. I want to explore it first before I go and travel any place else. So feel free to visit my blog every now and then and join me and my journeys.


xoxo, Cherry

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